Sunday, July 9, 2017


It's with the deepest sense of gratitude that I announce the next evolution of Valley Book Works. Its pop-up birth at the ArtFull Bean CafĂ© has been a wonderful experience, and all thanks are due to ValleyArts and everyone who supported this endeavor along the way.
In order to keep the brand healthy and strong, Valley Book Works will be re-opening this Fall as an online store, offering a much larger collection of the diverse authors and fascinating titles that has defined this idea from the start. Over the past several months there was a lot of positive feedback during VBW's first "chapter," if you will. The most consistent was this: People loved that there was a little bit of everything on the shelves.
So now, a lot more of that! (Look for a splashy announcement in the coming weeks.)
And although Valley Book Works will only be a few convenient clicks away no matter where its patrons are, a strong connection to the Valley Arts District remains the goal. To that end, Literary Town Hall events will continue to pop up, as well, in the continuing effort to unite neighbors through the written word.